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 Welcome to Windenergy Company"!

We specialize in the development, manufacture, installation and service of the small wind turbines in the range from 100 W up to 10 kW rated capacity. These wind turbines can be used for battery charging, water pumping, in hybrid systems like wind/diesel, wind/solar, wind/utility grid and in many other applications (sea water desalination, ice making, cathodic protection, etc).

Alternative energy: sun and wind is enough for everybody
More then 10 years ago, on the Russian market Joint Venture Windenergy Company have appeared. From that time, geography of Windenergy activity considerably increased.
Wind behind the back
Windmills have been working for people during many centuries and continue to do it. It would seem that windmills time came to the end, when coal and oil was appeared and gave the electricity to humanity. New energy sources got a patent advantage. Wind has no choice but to become the reason of different atmospheric annoyances. As everybody knows, people always try to turn their backs upon wind. Part of renewable energy sources in whole USA energy is already 14%, in France 15%, in Denmark = 12%, in China- 14%, in India - 22,5%. All this data will be increased in 1.5 times to 2010.
How to become our dealer

At present time our company has a wide dialer net, both in Russia and abroad. You also can become our dealer if you wish, in spite your position, be you a private person or a company.

Renewable energy school
Present situation of Russian energy and possibility of using renewable energy for consumer. The present condition of traditional energy is crisis. It is awful situation all around Russia: many thousand frizzing houses, which cant get any warm.
Dear power engineering specialist!
ImageBringing forward to your attention new hybrid system (wind-sun) for persistent energy supply of pylons 2, 3 through the Amur River. LEP-500 pylon uses 2 kWp windgenerator, which consist of windgenerator LMW -500- 4 pcs, and solar electro power station 3 kWp, which consist of solar panels 100Wp.
Important Notification!

We realised that Moscow Sapsan Company (Mr Vasiliev) use illegally technologies and logo of JV "LMW Windenergy Company". In order to let you know this information and to avoid loss, we announce that:
1. Technologies for production wind turbines, power 0,5-10 kWt, and logo belong to JV "LMW Windenergy Company", any usage of this logo, name and technologies is illegal without our permission.
2. JV "LMW Windenergy Company" takes neither financial, nor juridical responsibility for wind turbines produced by Moscow Sapsan Company.

Solar water heating plant "Rainbow-3"

It is a remote domestic thermo-siphon plant that provides hot water. The average temperature of the water in the boiler is 40-70 'C, depending on climate and solar radiation. Its output is approximately 250 litres of hot water per day.

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