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Other products

Infra-red heater, uninterruptible power supply,
 biogas equipment for farmers, energy saving equipment,
 hydroelectric power plant and fertilizers.


Heating system AOC 1 Print

On the basis of electro heating elements the local heating system AOC -1 was developed.

It is easy in exploitation and doesnt need maintenance and repair. Thanks to a felicitous constructional decision, heating elements completely isolated from milieu.

Organic fertilizer Averplant-1and Averplant 2 Print

Windenergy Company produces the organic high-performance fertilizer Averplant-1. This fertilizer does not contain seed of weeds and is completely harmless.

Diesel-electric power station, gas fired plant, petrol power station Print
Price list. The price for diesel-electric equipment of low power with air-cooled system.
Energy saving lamps Print

In comparison with usual incandescent lamp, power requirement is reduced up to 5 times , the live time is 12 times more the usual 

Hydroelectric Microplants (HMP) Print

One of the most effective directions of nontraditional energetic development is usage of energy of small water flows by Hydroelectric Microplants (HMP). Hydroelectric Microplants are cheap and effective means of obtaining of the electric power. The cost price of the received electric power does not exceed 1.6 cents per kW/h. The costs of construction HMP pay off within 3-5 years.

Energy saving heating equipment Print
The heater is intended for heating the heat-transfer material (water-salt) in hot-water heating systems of cottages, houses, garages, and other objects.
Bioenergetic systems Print
Bioenergetic systems (BES) are designed for utilization of farm waste with generation of combustible gas and organic high-performance fertilizer, which is formed in the result of methane digestion of animal droppings.
Bioenergetic systems for farmers Print

Windenergy Company supply (BES) with working value of bioreactor 2,5 m3 - 20 3, designed for conversion organically drain of animal droppings and plant cultivation into liquid organical fertilizers and gas fuel (Biogas systems) and thermal energy(BES).

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) Print
Emergency power system. UPS is used for uninterrupted energy supply for devices with working voltage 220 or 380 V, 50 GHz. It is used when the main energy supply is switched off.
Infra-red heater economical warm Print
The most economical type of heating is infrared, long wave, radiant heating.