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The joint venture with Dutch investment "LMW Windenergy Company" specializes on the development, manufacture, installation and service of the small wind turbines in the range from 100 W up to 10 kW rated capacity. These wind turbines can be used for battery charging, water pumping, in hybrid systems like wind/diesel, wind/solar, wind/utility grid and in many other applications (sea water desalination, ice making, cathodic protection, etc).

"LMW Windenergy Company" was established in January 1992 on the base of the small enterprise "Eol", founded in 1987. In 1992 the company bought a license for wind turbines LMW - 1003 with 1,5 kW capacity manufacture in the Dutch company "LMW Windenergy B.V." and in 1993 the company fully went over to its own manufacture of this wind turbine in Russia. In 1994 there was developed and started up the manufacture of the wind turbine for the average user. In 1995 the enterprise started to develop it's own wind turbine LMW - 2500 and LMW - 3600 with the rotor's diameter of 5 meters and in 1997 the wind turbines of such kind were started up into the serial production.

ImageIn 1996 the enterprise started a 10 kW wind turbine development and in 1998 this wind turbine was involved into the serial production.

Side by side with wind turbine development the company together with the Holland company "Global Energy" developed and started up serial production of the uninterrupted power supply units (UPS) of 1 up to 100 kW capacity.

Since 1993 the company develops hybrid systems, such as:

  • Wind/solar stand alone systems for battery charging;
  • Wind/diesel systems for battery charging;
  • Wind turbines for water pumping;
  • Wind turbines for water heating.
In the period from 1992 to 1995 the company made contract for 60 wind turbines delivery for the agriculture comity of Khabarovsk Territory, Primorsky Territory, Sakhalin and Moscow Area, etc.

In 1995 the company signed contract for two wind turbines delivery to Japan and fulfilled it successfully. The company regularly delivers wind turbines for electrical connections to the enterprises, meteorologists, fish farm, foresters, provides TV-communications systems with uninterrupted supply.

JV "LMW Windenergy Company" offers not so expensive wind turbines for the prices rather lower than prices in the world.

For the time of its existence the company developed wind turbines suitable for operation under low temperatures (-50 degrees), high wind speed (40 - 60 m/sec) and high humidity, for all that the prices do not exceed 1500 US$ for 1 kW rated output including voltage controller.

Research and development activities take place in co - operation with well known German and Dutch companies which produce small wind turbines, Scientific - research Institutes of Russia, ISC, Technical Universities of the Khabarovsk Territory, Primirsky Territory, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Vladimir, ZAGI, etc.



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