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Become a dealer

The company will buy the solar elements

E-mail: lmw@mail.kht.ru
phone: +7(4212) 22-13-84, 21-73-52


Become a dealer Print

You can become our dealer.


At present time our company has a wide dealer net in Russia and all around the world.

You also can become our dealer selling our production

To become our dealer it is not necessary come to Khabarovsk, you may just conclude a collaboration treaty.

On the basis of our company we organize the training. We offer dealer prices, the help in working out the projects, the team-work under the projects.

You can go through courses in Khabarovsk during 3-4 days in the end of each month.

The conditions of training: the journey at the expense of a dealer, the staying at the expense of the company.

During the training you will be taught the basis of renewable energy, you will get information about our active projects and manufacture.

As you wish, you can buy our equipment at a discount for setting up in your region as a model.

In the process of working with dealers we made certain that those who have something to show always are winner.

We consider that the binding assortment of any dealer should be : small wind electro station (250-500) Vatt, solar modules (1-2 item), invertor (500 Vatt).




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