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On the balcony of a citizen of Khabarovsk city Ovis Lev Grigorievich there is a solar panel connected to the battery. This construction guarantees uninterrupted power of different electric equipment in the case of absence of electricity. If Ovis has a country house, he would set a windgenerator on its roof, with great pleasure.

Russian people used the energy of wind many years ago for example 250000 windmills, which grinded every year about 33 ton of grain.

In 1929 the first Kursk (Russia) WES in the world started to work. Two years later in Sevastopol 100kWp windelectrostation started to work. In the beginning of 50-s the production line is appeared SSSR began to produce 9000 in a year. Though, several years later a huge development of hydroenergy and oil production gave the world more suitable and chip energy power. The Windenergy programs development were closed.

Renewable energy still continues to loose a competition to oil and nuclear energy. The first and main reason - Renewable energy is very expensive thing.

The power of all WES, appearing in the world during last 10 years increased in 12 times it is 35000 MWt, but it is not a full triumph of renewable energy. In the economy of Europe, wind doesnt play a great role. There, WES connected to national electro grids; huge price of wind energy is compensated on the account of mixing with chip electricity, produced by traditional methods. According to the prognosis of Agency of International Energy, even in 2015 year renewable energy will supply no more then 3% of world energy needs.

But aforesaid concerns only high-capacity WES (1-2 MWt), which is produced to compete with traditional Hydro stations.

Meanwhile, Lev Ovis  30 years ago found a niche, where WES and other  source of renewable energy are indispensable individual agriculture, farming, and little settlement having place far from electro grid.

In the beginning of 70s, young graduating student of Military-engineering academy in Kiev was sent to frontier with China for military service. There was a lack of electricity and often military units stayed without energy. Lev Ovis remembered, that he tried to find the alternative. He had the idea to set wind engine, but the chief of staff did not like it.  After finishing the military service, Ovis made a Joint venture with Holland company LM  W Windenergy BV,  which produced safe equipment for generating power.

Foreign partners gave the license for production ofLMW-1003-1,5 kWp. But there were some difficulties with this turbine. It was found the turbine was not ready to work in Russia with so strong winds, high and low temperatures.

Engineers in Khabarovsk made some changes in LMW-1003 construction and now the equipment can work under the temperature +30-50, and under the windspeed 40-6- m/s.

In 1994 Windenergy Company Ltd.  produced  own construction wind turbine o,5 kWp, in 1997- turbine 3 kWp and 5 kWp, 1998 10 kWp. Today the staff of the company consists of 160 employees.

Consumers of this equipment are people living far from the town center.

For example- Norfes company, which protect navigation. Observation posts of the company are situated in different remote district, where there is no other building and electricity. Windenergy Company Ltd.  have built WES in one of such places.

Lev Ovis has left his foreign partners 2 years ago. Windenergy Company Ltd. has proved its position and decided to continue their business without any help.

In general, in Russia there are about 30 companies, who make business in the field of renewable energy. But not all of them sell the real products. Most of this companies just searching manufacturer for their WES, which exist only as a draft.

Windenergy Company wins its way on new foreign markets. The equipment of Windenergy Company is working in Japan, Korea, and Germany. Now Windenergy Company is preparing the windgenerator 5 kWp to Georgias monastery. At the beginning of negotiations, monks wanted to buy 5 kWp turbine, but Lev Ovis decided to present it.

For all this years Windenergy Company produced and sold windturbines more then 1,5 Mwp.  Lev Ovis said, that he sold not only wind turbines, but energetic independence, which would be in great demand for many years.  

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